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Both Sides of the Fence

Or, possibly, straight over it: I’ve no doubt that this little vixen would be indoors if the patio door was opened, but encouraging foxes to be that tame is not at all in their interest, so she has to watch … Continue reading

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Is it Safe Out There?

Portraits of a wood mouse’s evening.

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Somebody likes peering through the fence!

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The Advance Party

Turkey’s wildlife is under terrible pressure, but that doesn’t mean that it is impossible to find. I spotted a fox in Cappadocia (which is proof, if it were needed, that they really do follow me everywhere 😕 ) but the … Continue reading

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The Followers

Sometimes the ears are a giveaway. Sometimes one of Britain’s brightest birds melts perfectly into the cryptic bark of a wintered-down birch. And sometimes the wildlife turns up where it is supposed to. It was frosty this morning, perfect conditions … Continue reading

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