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A Little Woodland Magic

How roe deer are supposed to be: under a canopy filled with evening birdsong, grazing silent amidst the twisting boughs.

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The Followers

Sometimes the ears are a giveaway. Sometimes one of Britain’s brightest birds melts perfectly into the cryptic bark of a wintered-down birch. And sometimes the wildlife turns up where it is supposed to. It was frosty this morning, perfect conditions … Continue reading

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Diesel-Powered Fox

It’s late. I nearly fell asleep on the train home from Bristol. Miles and miles of blackness out the window – fields grazed by exotic livestock, woodlands sheltering escaped garden plants, and a sprinkling of lights, indicating where the human … Continue reading

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Deer-Proof Fence

Sometimes you catch the end of a drama. Sometimes you are caught within it. Today’s lesson: when people divide up ‘our’ land, we can accidentally divide wild territories too. Frosts found the North Downs this week, stiffening the grass and … Continue reading

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The Deep Breath

Would we sense the threat without weathermen to warn us? I think I would notice the sky; it’s changing far too rapidly, sun and shadow spinning about each other. The meadows shine and dull in turn. The clouds are winning. … Continue reading

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