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Loitering on Fox Street

Tracking an adaptable species can be challenging. For years I have observed North Downs foxes in meadows and horse-pastures, but at the moment, they’re simply not there. Maybe it’s the weather. Maybe it’s the usual late autumn social mayhem that … Continue reading

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The Fox’s Crossing

A fox crossed my path this week. November brings rain and nights that come early, and Khamsin’s walks are dark. The nocturnal landscape loses its subtlety under cloudy skies – in the woods the owls cry, and in the streets … Continue reading

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Brushing Up

  It’s one of the largest brushes ever to grace the garden – it’s almost as long as the rest of his body. He’s a fine-looking fox even without considering the brush. But he’s enduring some wildly uneven weather. So … Continue reading

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It’s been a while. Walking the old trails, watching subtle changes – more pigeons, more parakeets, fewer sparrows. More history, I suppose, even if it’s only a year; that’s almost nothing in the context of the Surrey Hills. October mists … Continue reading

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What Does the Fox Say?

The internet is an odd place. Two Norwegians whom I've never heard of release a pop video that ponders the mysterious voice of foxes; this goes viral, and suddenly my fox sounds video is getting 20,000 hits a day :insane: … Continue reading

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