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Livestock Guardian Dogs – Nature’s Arbitrators

It’s the classic childhood story. A cute lamb skips out of the farmyard, while the wolf schemes in the shadows. Innocence and malice, all so simple – except it isn’t, of course. It’s the Hollywood version of a war which … Continue reading

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The Advance Party

Turkey’s wildlife is under terrible pressure, but that doesn’t mean that it is impossible to find. I spotted a fox in Cappadocia (which is proof, if it were needed, that they really do follow me everywhere 😕 ) but the … Continue reading

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Work of a Thousand Weavers

How do you summarise a land like this? It’s azure. But also silver. It was the wandering place of tigers, lions and leopards, but today sparrows roost on every corner. About them are orchards rich in fruit. And landscapes amongst … Continue reading

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The Followers

Sometimes the ears are a giveaway. Sometimes one of Britain’s brightest birds melts perfectly into the cryptic bark of a wintered-down birch. And sometimes the wildlife turns up where it is supposed to. It was frosty this morning, perfect conditions … Continue reading

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Using One’s Nose

I have a dog who watches TV and aeroplanes – at least, she did when she was a puppy. By behaviour, she should be classed as a sighthound; her vision isn’t as detailed as mine, but lacks nothing in detecting … Continue reading

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