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UEA Ecology grad, typically sighted in the company of a tall graceful Belgian shephard dog and often trying to carrying a big camera around. Dislikes urban habitat but is comfortable in either prairie or mountain biomes. Frequently watching, or being watched by, foxes.

Moving to Natural Neighbours

Hi All, Time to brush off the dust on this old blog! I’ve moved to a new website called where there will be plenty of photos, news and adventures with wildlife. Please join me there – everyone is very … Continue reading

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Both Sides of the Fence

Or, possibly, straight over it: I’ve no doubt that this little vixen would be indoors if the patio door was opened, but encouraging foxes to be that tame is not at all in their interest, so she has to watch … Continue reading

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Fox in the Flowers

It is, at last, springtime, which means a touch of colour in the countryside: And a good backdrop to visiting foxes.

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A Little Woodland Magic

How roe deer are supposed to be: under a canopy filled with evening birdsong, grazing silent amidst the twisting boughs.

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Is it Safe Out There?

Portraits of a wood mouse’s evening.

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