Both Sides of the Fence

Or, possibly, straight over it:

Red fox garden2 140405

I’ve no doubt that this little vixen would be indoors if the patio door was opened, but encouraging foxes to be that tame is not at all in their interest, so she has to watch the human world from afar.

Red fox garden3 140405

Red fox garden1 140405

She has discovered that she can leap over the fence and wander around the patio, but when she’s away, the mice come to play – and another visitor – a bank vole!

Bank Vole1 140405

It’s about the same size as a wood mouse, but immediately recognisable as a vole because of its ball-like shape, small ears and short tail.

Bank Vole2 140405

There’s a slightly larger vole species out in the fields called, not unreasonably, a field vole, but I’m yet to see one of those in the garden. For now, it’s just the bank voles and the wood mice joining the birds on the feeder.

About Adele Brand

UEA Ecology grad, typically sighted in the company of a tall graceful Belgian shephard dog and often trying to carrying a big camera around. Dislikes urban habitat but is comfortable in either prairie or mountain biomes. Frequently watching, or being watched by, foxes.
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10 Responses to Both Sides of the Fence

  1. A delightful vixen … she can capture a heart.
    And the vole … I’ve never seen one. The closest (aside from mice) I’ve come is moles … under the slab in my garage. I was relieved to move out of there; they destroyed the garage. My kids called them “grey miners”.

  2. actually i used to consider foxes as half pets , but the third photo gave me a complete different impression , it look like a wolf .

  3. Words says:

    Nice to see the vole. Considering how widespread they are they are incredibly difficult to see. Your foxes are looking very fine. šŸ™‚

  4. Darko says:

    Nice looking fox, that third photograph is just beautiful. Cautious and curious, at the same time šŸ™‚

  5. Andy says:

    Good looking fox.

  6. Deb Platt says:

    What a beautiful vixen!

    Since I have bird feeders, I always have squirrels underneath foraging through the dropped seeds. This spring for the first time I saw a mouse-like creature foraging at the foot of the feeder (I couldn’t ID it given the distance). I found myself feeling much more welcoming toward the squirrels at the feeder than the mouse. Since they are both in the rodent family, what a difference a fluffy tail makes!

  7. pam says:

    Have never seen or heard of a vole. It looks very plump and healthy. Not sure about the size of a wood mouse. Are they small, about two or three inches?

    I’d swear that fox is posing for you. What a beauty she is.

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  9. last Thursday and next Sunday and a formal holiday in Syria, Christian communities celebrating Easter ,I do not know what to say to you , to derwandersmann and to other friends , should i say God bless you.

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