Somebody likes peering through the fence!

Fox1 1403016

About Adele Brand

UEA Ecology grad, typically sighted in the company of a tall graceful Belgian shephard dog and often trying to carrying a big camera around. Dislikes urban habitat but is comfortable in either prairie or mountain biomes. Frequently watching, or being watched by, foxes.
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14 Responses to Fox-Watched

  1. Andys Wilson says:

    What a nice picture!

  2. Ally says:

    Hi Adele, wow, such a cute photo 🙂 Nice to see your work here. Yes, I’ll try to blog and to read some posts again. But it’s not the same like before on the Opera-Community. So sadly that the myOpera is closed. Okay, so we’ll see us here and, if you want here:
    or on FB. Have a good start to the new week!

    • Adele Brand says:

      Hi Ally! Good to hear from you. I’ve bookmarked your new blog. I still miss Opera and I’m not sure WordPress is really for me, but I’ll stay here for now. I hope you had a lovely weekend 🙂

      PS, Luna is beautiful!

  3. Words says:

    She’s lovely! 😀

  4. Darko says:

    Pretty No. 2!!! 😀

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